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Virginia is the first state in the country mandating computer science education for all students. @codeVirginia trains teachers to teach computer science in public schools & provides student programs. Chris Dovi works with legislators to promote #CSed in-school, and shares with Boomer Magazine how CodeVa got started and how it works with teachers in schools. Source: Coding in the Virginia Classroom with CodeVA |

Makerspaces are learning spaces, either physical or temporary, that provide the tools, materials and ideas to create, invent, tinker, hack and build to learn. Makerspaces are no longer the proprietary spaces of engineering schools at top universities — they are popping up in museums, libraries, elementary, middle and high schools all over the world.Source: Asheville Museum of Science receives grant for a makerspace | Mountain Xpress

Next year the libraries at Pacific University will begin to take on a larger academic role across all campuses, with newly appointed Dean of University Libraries Isaac Gilman overseeing the transition. “We’re going to try and bring in a variety of equipment and technology that will allow students in different disciplines to work in that space,” Gilman said. “We want the library maker-space to complement existing maker activities on campus in departments like art and physics. We’ll be able to use it as a hub, to allow students in any discipline to access these resources, while also pointing students in…

The Walsh Makerspace is now open in a 7,200-acre neighborhood in west Fort Worth, bringing 21st-century technology and tools to its residents and to the public. The 2,000-square-foot makerspace includes a woodshop, computer design software and 3D printers, a laser cutter, robotics lab, and an electronics lab. It also features kid-friendly methods to create and learn with their hands, including a giant Lego Wall and Makey Makey Invention Kit, according to a Walsh release. Source: Walsh Makerspace Opens in West Fort Worth Neighborhood » Dallas Innovates

He is all of 4 years old, but with a little assistance from his dad, Javier, and helpful hints from the friendly “explainers” who work there, Sebastian Salinas had a most successful outing at a Maker Space workshop at the New York Hall of Science last Saturday.A visit to the Corona museum can provide many an unexpected pleasure, and this turned out to be one, as the “Make It: WoodBots” workshop kept its participants engaged for a solid 90 minutes. At the end, everyone left with his or her own woodbot, a miniature posable robot made out of, yes, wood,…

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