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The Montour Elementary School library is home to more than just books. In fact, the books are outnumbered by hundreds of tiny, brightly colored Lego building blocks. The bright, open space — dubbed the world’s first Brick Makerspace by Lego Education — is designed to give students room to move around, work together and build. Source: Montour Elementary opens world’s first Lego Brick Makerspace | TribLIVE

When the Farmington Libraries noticed that its patrons hadn’t been using its computer lab as they had in the past, the staff started to think about ways to transform the space. Then came the Studio, an experiential and media production lab that Horn says compliments the library’s popular makerspace.Source: Farmington Library Opens New Technology Studio – Courant Community

The Makerspace, a new addition to the Tompkins County Public Library, is providing the tools for the community to get creative and learn new skills. Located across from the BorgWarner Room, the space has work tables, 3-D printers, fully equipped audio booths, a laser cutter, an embroidery machine and other craft tools. That area opens up to a Digital Learning Lab set up like a classroom with laptops and whiteboards. The space is the library’s way of keeping up with the needs of the community. Source: Creativity shines at new Makerspace at Tompkins County Public Library – The Ithaca Voice

Akron Children’s Museum has unveiled a new exhibit for children ages 8-12: Little Monster Maker Space. “The maker space offers opportunities for hands-on exploration of STEM principles through a problem-based learning approach, said Akron Children’s Museum Education Coordinator Margaret Keller in a news release. “Visitors will design, build, test and redesign their solutions. We’re excited to offer children opportunities to develop 21st Century Learning Skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.”Source: Akron Children’s Museum unveils Little Monster Maker Space |

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