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Community college leaders are embracing strategies, such as makerspaces, that adapt education to prepare students for evolving career opportunities, explained Sierra College Superintendent/President Willy Duncan. Read the full press release at Sierra College’s CCC Maker Initiative Offers Work-Based Learning at 24 California Community College Makerspaces | Markets Insider

Virginia is the first state in the country mandating computer science education for all students. @codeVirginia trains teachers to teach computer science in public schools & provides student programs. Chris Dovi works with legislators to promote #CSed in-school, and shares with Boomer Magazine how CodeVa got started and how it works with teachers in schools. Source: Coding in the Virginia Classroom with CodeVA |

Next year the libraries at Pacific University will begin to take on a larger academic role across all campuses, with newly appointed Dean of University Libraries Isaac Gilman overseeing the transition. “We’re going to try and bring in a variety of equipment and technology that will allow students in different disciplines to work in that space,” Gilman said. “We want the library maker-space to complement existing maker activities on campus in departments like art and physics. We’ll be able to use it as a hub, to allow students in any discipline to access these resources, while also pointing students in…

126 Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs For Digital Learning by TeachThought Staff …we can have taxonomies for differentiation and taxonomies for thinking and taxonomies for tasks and assessment–so many possibilities for examining the actual process of thinking, learning, and the application of each.Source: 126 Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs For Digital Learning – TeachThought

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