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Virginia is the first state in the country mandating computer science education for all students. @codeVirginia trains teachers to teach computer science in public schools & provides student programs. Chris Dovi works with legislators to promote #CSed in-school, and shares with Boomer Magazine how CodeVa got started and how it works with teachers in schools. Source: Coding in the Virginia Classroom with CodeVA |

There are 500,000 computer science job openings in the U.S., spanning every industry and state. That’s more than 10 times the number of students who graduated with computer science degrees last year, according to the nonprofit Focus less on the technology and more on the learning. More teachers will be needed to exand CS education in schools.Source: More Teachers, Fewer 3D Printers: How to Improve K–12 Computer Science Education – IEEE Spectrum

Technology and the maker movement go hand-in-hand. I was reminded of this at a recent conference where I attended several maker sessions and embraced the maker mindset as I tinkered, played, and experimented with everything from copper tape and LED lights to arduino boards and 3D printers. This article from intel reviews three categories of game-changing technologies as identified by Gary Stager – fabrication, physical computing, and computer programming. Read more at: Game-Changing Technologies in the Maker Movement |Intel Engage

Pixar in a Box is a collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and free online learning resource Khan Academy. Based on the characters of Pixar films, the courses introduce students to the technical skills used in computer animation. The lessons from Pixar in a Box are available for free with no registration required/ Online exercises demonstrate the fundamentals of computer science with tools used by Pixar engineers and artists. Topics covered include rigging, environmental modeling, character modeling, animation, crowds, sets & staging, and rendering, with more to come. Each section is supplemented with lessons including math and coding. Pixar in a…

Fifty teams from across the state gathered at The Meadow Event Park in Doswell, Virginia on Saturda February 13, 2016 for the FIRST Tech Challenge Virginia State Championship. Teams of students in grades 7-12 competed head to head using a sports model. Each team was responsible for designing, building, and programming their robots from a kit. Coaches, mentors and volunteers help to guide the students in principles of engineering and awards were given for competition as well as community service during the year. The competition included an Autonomous Period where robots were operated through pre-programmed instructions. During a Driver-Controlled Period…

Hour of Code is a global movement in over 180 countries, and is a quick way to introduce coding to students or anyone. Anyone can learn the basics of computer science in a fun and easy way! By spending as little as one hour, you can spark coding interest in your students with one-hour lesson plans, tutorials, interactives and games. Find out more at A Beginner’s Guide to Bringing Coding Into the Classroom Source: A Beginner’s Guide to Bringing Coding Into the Classroom | EdSurge News

Education is old. The current public school system in the US dates back to the 19th century and wasn’t designed to scale the way it has. Lots of companies are working to “disrupt” education by changing the way things work in the classroom and by bringing the classroom online. Learn to code interactively, for free. Check out the online resources at Codecademy Source: Learn to code | Codecademy

Vicki Davis, a computer science teacher and IT integrator, shares this extensive list of year-round resources for teaching students how to code. With the following resources, you can teach programming with every student and every age.  Find out more about these at 15+ Ways of Teaching Every Student to Code (Even Without a Computer) Apps and Tools to Teach Coding All Year Round Resources suggested resources Teaching Coding to the Youngest Students Tynker Games Kodable Cargobot ScratchJr Robot Turtles Teaching Coding to Age 8 and Up Hopscotch Scratch Lightbot Alice Kodu Gamestar Mechanic GameMaker My Robot Friend SpaceChem CodeCombat…

Expiditionary Learning The lesson was actually what the school calls an “expedition,” the basis of an instructional model that emphasizes interactive, project-based learning. It is gaining popularity at a time when many parents and educators are concerned that a focus on test-based accountability has promoted rote learning, is taking the fun out of school, and is not preparing students for the real-world rigors of today’s workplace. Source: Learning is an ‘expedition’ at schools that enhance class with field work – The Washington Post

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