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The Hanover Arts and Science Festival featured performances by all county bands, orchestras, and chorus. Select art and science exhibits were on display from every school in the district. Hanover County 4-H and The Georgetown School once again hosted the makerspace, where kids and families could gets hands-on with activities. An additional exhibit featured robotics and animatronics. Students from host Atlee High School qualified for the national robotics competition.

Ozobots, 3-D printers, 3Doodler pens, Dash and Dot robots, Puzzlets, Cubelets, Bee Bots, Code-a-Pillar and Makey Makey, these are some of the high-tech, age-appropriate gizmos kids at Kelley, Lincoln and Perkins schools can now use to create and/or solve problems in new MakerSpaces, all while working independently.Read more at Newark CSD establishes MakerSpaces at elementary schools

Virginia is the first state in the country mandating computer science education for all students. @codeVirginia trains teachers to teach computer science in public schools & provides student programs. Chris Dovi works with legislators to promote #CSed in-school, and shares with Boomer Magazine how CodeVa got started and how it works with teachers in schools. Source: Coding in the Virginia Classroom with CodeVA |

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