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The Montour Elementary School library is home to more than just books. In fact, the books are outnumbered by hundreds of tiny, brightly colored Lego building blocks. The bright, open space — dubbed the world’s first Brick Makerspace by Lego Education — is designed to give students room to move around, work together and build. Source: Montour Elementary opens world’s first Lego Brick Makerspace | TribLIVE

Elementary schools in Richmond, Virginia are bringing STEM lessons into their physical education classes through a partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University. Through the pilot program, which started this fall, VCU School of Education students teach STEM lessons to students during their PE classes. The VCU students come to the schools weekly and teach a different lesson each time.Read more at ‘Next revolution for health’ comes to Richmond Public Schools gym classes

The 20117 Virginia Train Collectors Show was held in the makerspace Saturday, November 11th. Model trains and toys from the past century were on display along with train layout displays in several gauges. Youth in K-3 STEM classes and afterschool makers spent Friday creating a 1/24 scale G gauge train layout for the show. Kids got hands on with train related maker activities, as well as driving the trains.

Educators know that in order for today’s students to be college and career ready, they need to develop 21st Century Skills including collaboration, creativity, and communication. Finding authentic ways to accomplish this in a classroom setting can be challenging. Makerspaces lend themselves to developing these skills in organic and productive ways.Read about the case for school makerspaces at: The Case for School Makerspaces, According to Those Who Use Them

Middle school students visited the Freckle Flower Farm to see a local family farm operation and learn hands-on horticulture & pollination, complete with a few live birds and bees. From field to vase, the students were taught how to design and make their own floral arrangements like a professional. The Freckled Flower Farm’s garden of blooms is located in the rural town of Montpelier, Virginia. Our farm is just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of the City of Richmond. This peaceful 40+acre property has been farmed for decades by the Mallory Family, from chickens to pigs to…

The idea of making to learn is a philosophy of education that goes back to the late 1800s/early 1900s and the writings of John Dewey. “Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.” Advice from P. Matthew Dillon on bringing maker education to schoolsRead more at: Innovate My School – Top tips for bringing the Maker Movement to YOUR school

“What’s the difference between a makerspace and a great makerspace?” asks Laura Fleming, library/media specialist at New Milford High School in New Milford (NJ), and author of The Kickstart Guide to Making Great Makerspaces (Corwin Press). “Great makerspaces are unique to your school community, relevant to your world, meaningful, and sustainable.” This article by by Ellen Ullman at Tech and Learning provideds examples of school makerspaces that have extended learning opportunities. Read the article at: How Schools Make “Making” Meaningful | Tech Learning

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