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Social and Emotional Development is a really important part of a child’s life. It plays a huge part in relationships, conversation skills and other skills needed for personal development. Nurturing a child’s social and emotional development has a large effect on how they proceed into adulthood. Social Development entails becoming skilled at developing constructive companionship with other individuals. Emotional Development refers to a child’s impression of his or her identity. It also refers to a child’s outlook about other individuals in their lives and the surroundings in which they reside. Read more at: Comprehending the Social and Emotional Development of…

What’s the difference between tinkering and engineering? The biggest difference between tinkering and engineering is who sets the parameters for success. In engineering, it’s often the teacher or end-user who specifies what a good product will look like. With tinkering, youth are in control. Youth are encouraged to design their own product and set their own specifications. The more control youth have over their learning path, the more they become engaged in that path. Tinkering opens doors to exploration on an individual path of learning. Source: What’s Tinkering?

Children and stress. How to recognise the signs of stress in ourselves and our children, and create a low stress environment in which they can thrive. We can affect the level of stress felt by our own children and those we work with. Read more at: Children and Stress – How to Create a Low Stress Environment for Your Child (by Miki Dedijer) – Hey Sigmund – Karen Young

Remake Learning Days presents 12 days of all-ages programming throughout southwest Pennsylvania and West Virginia. May 15-26, the Remake Learning Network will collaborate with community partners to present more than 350 free or low-cost events at schools, museums, libraries and other spaces across southwestern Pennsylvania and in West Virginia. The goal is to encourages children and their families to make, create, build and explore innovations in technology. Source: Remake Learning Days gets families thinking, making and moving with 350+ events – NEXTpittsburgh

Brickworkz began in 2004 when artist Brian Korte began creating art and conversation pieces for people from LEGO building blocks.  See examples of LEGO art from photographs and drawings made by Brickworkz at their gallery. Source: Brickworkz LEGO mosaic portraits

The Envision the Future Design Challenge asks participants to create one of two things: an assistive device to make daily life easier for a visually impaired person, or a tactile educational model for use in classrooms. Education is definitely the emphasis for this challenge, and participants are invited to design models for any age group, from kindergarten to graduate school. Source: Envision the Future: Design a 3D Printed Educational Model for the Visually Impaired |

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