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Makerspaces are learning spaces, either physical or temporary, that provide the tools, materials and ideas to create, invent, tinker, hack and build to learn. Makerspaces are no longer the proprietary spaces of engineering schools at top universities — they are popping up in museums, libraries, elementary, middle and high schools all over the world.Source: Asheville Museum of Science receives grant for a makerspace | Mountain Xpress

He is all of 4 years old, but with a little assistance from his dad, Javier, and helpful hints from the friendly “explainers” who work there, Sebastian Salinas had a most successful outing at a Maker Space workshop at the New York Hall of Science last Saturday.A visit to the Corona museum can provide many an unexpected pleasure, and this turned out to be one, as the “Make It: WoodBots” workshop kept its participants engaged for a solid 90 minutes. At the end, everyone left with his or her own woodbot, a miniature posable robot made out of, yes, wood,…

Akron Children’s Museum has unveiled a new exhibit for children ages 8-12: Little Monster Maker Space. “The maker space offers opportunities for hands-on exploration of STEM principles through a problem-based learning approach, said Akron Children’s Museum Education Coordinator Margaret Keller in a news release. “Visitors will design, build, test and redesign their solutions. We’re excited to offer children opportunities to develop 21st Century Learning Skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.”Source: Akron Children’s Museum unveils Little Monster Maker Space |

CNET explores “the intersection of art and engineering” at The Exploratorium. For “Curious Contraptions,” a new exhibit at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, artists from around the world meld fairy tale-like storytelling and engineering to bring a range of objects to life in absurdist and sometimes amusing sculptures known as automata.Read CNET’s report on this exhibit at: At S.F. Exploratorium, ‘Curious Contraptions’ spring to life – CNET

The Virtual Curation Laboratory in Virginia is 3D scanning and 3D printing Civil War artifacts to offer a “touch tour” for blind visitors. Civil War artifacts are digitally captured and 3d printed to create a virtual hands-on tour at the Virginia Historical Society. Source: 3D Printing Helps Blind “See” Civil War Artifacts at Virginia Museum | All3DP

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